My latest creations.

I’ve been busy in the studio making all sorts of goodies from scrap and recycled materials. My new line of handbags made from old hardback books are proving very popular, as are the lamps made from old cassette tapes. (If any of you have any boxes of unwanted tapes, please let me know. I’d be happy to take them off your hands!) I have also made a load of new jewellery from pebbles and sea glass, rose brooches from book pages, interlinked hearts from copper pipe, mini planters from toy dinosaurs and mirror frames from corks and also old toy cars. You can see all the pictures on the website.

I have begun a new series of silhouette paintings, mostly of birds- a theme that I can’t seem to get away from at the moment. Not that that’s a bad thing- I love birds. I especially love birds with black feathers at the moment. Blackbirds, crows, rooks, starlings and so on. I think it is the slightly sinister impression that they can give that attracts me to them.

Here is my latest offering. Acrylic on canvas. The bird shapes are poured paint and acrylic medium, so raised and very glossy. It’s impossible to see from the photo unfortunately.
Now for sale at only £175.

I’ll be back soon with new images of the latest batch of canvases.

About sarahhicksart

An artist and all round creative soul. I paint and make with all manner of stuff, from canvas to cable reels, circuit boards to wine corks.
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