Quick update

Been crazy hectic over the last 2 weeks. Here is a quick update of what I have been getting up to.

My ongoing family art project in Blackpool- we call it the Sunflower project. I am running a 10 week series of after school sessions in 2 primary schools on a very deprived estate. The idea is that the parents come with the children to do craft activities together. All the activities (based on a sunflower theme) are linked with topics that the kids are covering in school- right across the curriculum. It is a pilot project, but working well. We are enabling the families to be more aware of and involved in their children’s education and are adding masses of colour to the school and the community. Recently we have made bird feeders, planted sunflowers, made clay tiles, made windmills, t shirt painting and are continuing to work on a huge canvas to be permanently displayed in each school.

Wind in the willows project- Commissioned by Blackpool council, I continue to visit Blackpool primary schools, running workshops as a follow on to a theatre performance that they have subsidised to visit the schools.

Chewing gum project at Colne Primet High school – another long term project which I have been working on since before Christmas. As a freelancer for Curious Minds, I am currently working with the DT dept to make gum boards with year 9 kids. Part of a cross curricular project to address the issues surrounding gum in the school. Tomorrow I shall be making chewing gum with the kids. Should be interesting!

Lostock Hall girls art project. A continuing success- this has been ongoing for over a year now. A weekly after school arts session with a group of fantastic teenage girls. We address too many issues to mention as we just natter and chat while we make art. Also in association with the young people’s service for professional advice, resources and information.

Planning for WOW festival in Wigan. New commission which I’m looking forward to. The event organisers have asked me to go in for 2 weeks prior to the festival, to funk up the site. We’re talking loads of colour, carnival features, banners, flags, an enormous community bunting project…should be good!

Bring your Dad to school day- looking forward to this workshop, on Friday, where I will be making rockets and working volcanoes with vinegar and bicarb of soda. Might take along a bottle of coke and some mentos for a laugh!

And then the big one- GLASTONBURY! I have been busy planning and prepping for this year’s madness. We are making a GLASTONTREE in the Kidz field this year, which will grow and become more and more colourful and shiny as the festival progresses. Setting off Friday to the woods to finish prepping then will be on site from Sunday getting everything set up and spending some time chilling in the sun, making pretty things and gearing up for a hell of a lot of fun. Hopefully some fantastics photos to follow soon.

In between all of this, I have also managed to get painting again. It has been far too long. Here is the first of a series of 4 that I have started. Still a work in progress, but am pleased with it so far.


About sarahhicksart

An artist and all round creative soul. I paint and make with all manner of stuff, from canvas to cable reels, circuit boards to wine corks.
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1 Response to Quick update

  1. dnapuppetry says:

    This is fantastic work Sarah. You should be very proud. Brilliant. *gush*

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