Back in the woods

Well here I am, back in the woods. Aldrin the buzzard has already stopped by to say hello and this evening a red kite was engaging in a sky battle with a crow.
Inspiration for the day, however, has come from a trip to the Ferrari garage. Nice shapes and sooooo shiny! Sadly they didn’t deem me worthy of a test drive. Maybe because I stank of woodsmoke from last night’s fire!
I now sit by the fire, fairy lights in the trees and contemplate artspace 2010 tomorrow. Not sure what to expect. Saw a sign for it so thought it had better be checked out.


About sarahhicksart

An artist and all round creative soul. I paint and make with all manner of stuff, from canvas to cable reels, circuit boards to wine corks.
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1 Response to Back in the woods

  1. dnapuppetry says:

    I love what you’re doing with this blog now Sarah. The categories are right, the tags are right – now it’s time to come up with your e-commerce strategy. How to drive through sales of your artworks. Where’s the button to ‘buy my stuff’?

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