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DNA in England update

Ok- so I should have blogged some of DNA’s activity in England quite a while ago, but have been mega hectic planning a wedding, amongst other things. Anyway, I am here now to give you a quick update of a few of the things I have been getting up to for DNA. Apologies for the delay, folks!

At the end of June, it was the annual highlight that is Glastonbury. DNA always have a blast on the Kidz Field, and this year was no exception. We had walk about acts (a run away puppet and her puppeteer and two singing sunflowers) which were really popular with the children. We also ran workshops to make things for children and families to decorate our Glastontree with, and wrote an installment of a story each day of the festival, which we then copied out, put into envelopes and distributed around the Kidz Field to bring joy to whoever found them. Below are a few pictures.



Last month I also had the pleasure of working with some delightful pupils at Queen’s Drive Primary School in Preston. Year 6 had done their own very ambitious school production of ‘A Midsummer night’s Dream’, and I spent a great day doing shadow puppets with them on the same theme. I also had great fun in the infants making puppets with year 2. A few snaps are below.



I have also done 2 very manic days making puppets at Lancaster Castle (so manic that I did not have time for a brew all day, let alone to take any photos!) There are exciting plans for the future with Lancaster Castle in the pipeline. At the moment it is all top secret, but watch this space!

Next week I am off to introduce the joys of shadow puppetry to the children and teenagers at Clitheroe Youth theatre. I am looking forward to seeing what their imaginations come up with.

Right- I’m signing off and getting back to the last minute wedding chaos.



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Getting creative and inspired by playing with torches and beams of light!

Last week I was lucky enough to represent DNA  ( at an incredibly inspiring workshop on the theme of using light in theatre for early years. The session was run by Andrea Buzetti, from La Baracca theatre company in Italy, who was performing his show at ‘The Boo’ in Rossendale. The methods that he uses to develop a show are very similar to those of DNA, and his play sessions in nurseries to research and develop a wordless language for theatre with children struck a chord.

Andrea talked of the dark as the starting point for play with light and we started the session by working in a completely dark room to enable us to become more aware of our other senses. The movement exercises in the pitch black were fascinating as a way of developing a style of movement with no visual cues. We had to follow Andrea’s voice, and move about, whilst staying aware of the presence of others in the room through sound and other sensory clues.

We then started to play with light. One exercise that I loved, was painting each other with torches. This was a great way to observe detail and also to explore ways of physically moving in a space. Andrea talked of the importance of being physically engaged and open with your body language, in order to hold the attention of every member of the audience.

We had great fun playing with different beams of light, and responding creatively and freely using our bodies to tell a story or convey an idea. We also explored projecting light through different filters and playing in the beams to achieve incredibly beautiful results. 

Andrea spoke of the art of communicating with young children through movement and simple expressions, emphasising that children, even at a very early age, are very astute and able to understand more than we often give them credit for. He mentioned engaging with a baby by simply dropping a ball of cotton to drift to the ground and reacting with facial expressions and no sound. This is exactly what DNA were doing in their development sessions for their latest piece for early years- ‘Cloud Child’!

Sadly, I was unable to stay to see the actual show, but fellow DNA artist, Shakera was able to see it and will be blogging separately on her thoughts.

On the way home, I had to stop several times to write down all the ideas that were swirling round my head. I came away thoroughly inspired, with plans to hook up withShakera, very soon to creatively collaborate and explore the topic further.

Thank you DNA, for sending me to this workshop. It’s so good to learn with fellow artists from a theatre company who make amazing work with methods so very close to our own.


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Christmas gifts from Sarah Hicks Art

I have been busy making all sorts of treasure from recycled and found objects. My stock is depleting rapidly as I seem to sell out of something at each Christmas market that I do. I have two remaining markets before Christmas, so if you want any of the items below, let me know asap, as all stock will be gone by mid December.

These sell out at every event and I have run out of plants, so the next batch will be the last for this year. Only £4.50.

These sell out at every event and I have run out of plants, so the next batch will be the last for this year. Only £4.50.

A variety of designs using prints of my paintings, old maps, photos and card. Prices from £6.

A variety of designs using prints of my paintings, old maps, photos and card. Prices from £6.

Paper garland made from old book pages. There is only one available to a lucky customer for only £22.

Paper garland made from old book pages. There is only one available to a lucky customer for only £22. Now sold.

I have nearly run out of cassettes, so can only make 2 more of these popular lamps. Perfecte for the man who has everything and a snip at £30.

Cassette lamps. I have nearly run out of cassettes, so can only make 2 more of these popular lamps. Perfect for the man who has everything and a snip at £30.

These have been a great success, but I own't be making anymore for quite a while. Only 3 left, so contact me if you're interested asap. Priced between £15 and £20.

Bags made from hardback books. These have been a great success, but I won’t be making anymore in the forseeable future. Only 3 left, so contact me asap if you’re interested. Priced between £15 and £20.

I have also started a new line called ‘Off The Page’. This is a simple service whereby you provide me with a drawing that your child has done, and I will breathe life into it and transform it into a hand stitched felt character. Commissions begin at £20 plus postage. Please contact me for details. Orders for Christmas need to be made before 10th December.

off the page croc

off the page alienoff the page donkey

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My latest creations.

I’ve been busy in the studio making all sorts of goodies from scrap and recycled materials. My new line of handbags made from old hardback books are proving very popular, as are the lamps made from old cassette tapes. (If any of you have any boxes of unwanted tapes, please let me know. I’d be happy to take them off your hands!) I have also made a load of new jewellery from pebbles and sea glass, rose brooches from book pages, interlinked hearts from copper pipe, mini planters from toy dinosaurs and mirror frames from corks and also old toy cars. You can see all the pictures on the website.

I have begun a new series of silhouette paintings, mostly of birds- a theme that I can’t seem to get away from at the moment. Not that that’s a bad thing- I love birds. I especially love birds with black feathers at the moment. Blackbirds, crows, rooks, starlings and so on. I think it is the slightly sinister impression that they can give that attracts me to them.

Here is my latest offering. Acrylic on canvas. The bird shapes are poured paint and acrylic medium, so raised and very glossy. It’s impossible to see from the photo unfortunately.
Now for sale at only £175.

I’ll be back soon with new images of the latest batch of canvases.

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Another happy customer in the ball pool.

Another happy customer in the ball pool. Did you know about the art parties that I can offer? For anyone with children, I come highly recommended! Check out the website for details.

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Summer Inspiration

I have been spending some time in the stunning location of St. Ives, Cornwall over the summer. On this visit I found myself drawn to the beautiful and peaceful Barnoon Cemetery at the top of the town. Here are some of the images and patterns that I collected.

Image     Image      Image Image     Image   Image  Image   Image   Image

I also made use of my time there by collecting a load of new beach treasure to make new jewellery with. Sea glass, drift wood, polished bits of crockery, pottery, pebbles and brick will all be featuring in my new pieces which are beginning to take form in the studio.

The word is spreading about the children’s party packages that I am now offering. I have recently done a great pirate party, making a giant galleon from cardboard and playing treasure and fishing games in the ball pool. The children were all delighted and the parents too!


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Hello again world!

Ok ok- so I’ve not blogged for a long long time. What can I say? My life is very hectic. There is no way I can fill you in on everything that I’ve been up to, but I have rebuilt the website, so you can see some recent projects on there. I promise to try and keep up to date from now on!

Please check out the new site. Any feedback would be appreciated.

A few updates-

Now the new website is up and running, and with the help of a very internet savvy friend, ( I am working on a load of new online stuff that I shall post about when it is all finished.

There is also an exciting new collaborative venture on the horizon. All top secret at the moment, but will be revealed in the not too distant future.

Painting wise, I am working on a new series inspired by my love of skiing. The master plan is to get some interest from galleries in ski resorts and hopefully combine with a trip to the French Alps this coming winter.


I am off on an adventure to St. Ives, Cornwall over the summer. I intend to return home with masses of new ideas, photos and inspiration. Watch this space!

I’ll sign off with a great quote that I found the other day. Sending smiles- Sarah

“Don’t think about making art, just get it done. Let everyone else decide if it’s good or bad, whether they love it or hate it. While they are deciding, make even more art.”   Andy Warhol

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